Make your business app powerful

¿How do we make our company app attractive?

 We all have doubts about what is going to happen when our app goes on the market: ¿I will work?, ¿Will it work?, ¿Everyone is going to know about it?.

This kind of questions are very common in companies that are in the technology sector but the answer is very simple. Develop an app that please the needs of your public and complies with the requirements that your target is asking for. The app has to ve simple and intuitive,

¿How do we get it?  Here is some advice to achieve your objectives.

1. Simple interface.  When more simple better. A simple interface helps the user to use it better, the visual fatigue decreases and gives a better usability.

2. Visibility on IOS and Android. You need to ve available on both platforms.

3. Security. This is one of the most important facts, you need to protect the information of your company and your users. You need to be protected legally. 

4. OFFLINE Functioning. Not all apps have this, you need to have a pulled apart where the user would be able to use it without access to internet. 

5. Periodic updates of the APP.  Its necessary to be upgraded so you can give information and quality content to your users. If you do not upgrade your app once in a while you can get obsolete and lose some of your engagement. . 

6. Communication routes on the APP.  You need to go beyond the normal routes, maybe a chat inside your app that gives the user the opportunity to get in touch directly.

7. Facility to find your APP. The users get tired if they do not get what are looking dor in more than 3 minutes, so you can give them the more practical ways to fin your app. For example, give you app the same name of your company.

8. Measurable. The APP has to follow a analytic process as what works, what do we kave to change, what is the journey inside the app, what can we improve, etc.. This is the better way to increase your leads.

This characteristics will give your app the power to improve the usability of your company. 

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