Spotify with Uber

Today, Spotify is considered the best streaming music server by users. Currently there are more than 70 million premium paid users who enhoy the immensity of possibilities and offers by the platform. 

You already know the special radar that Spotify has to show us music that we may like, but do we know the platform depth? Here we leave you some tricks that will be of some help.

  1. Precise search: the effectiveness of his filters will let you search by categories such as year, album and name. 

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    Download songs to listen to hem offline: Spotify Premium allows you to download up to 3,333 songs to listen to wherever you want and without the need for a connection.

  3. Find concerts by Spotify app. This function allows you to find concerts near you are and not just that, you actually can buy the tickets through the app.  

  4. Travel with Uber and listen to your own Spotify list. Few people knows of this upgrade, since 2014 premium users can connect with uber and listen to their own music. ¡ Easy, close and with a closer tone! 

  5. Regulate audio quality. The actual standard quality is by 160 kbit/s. If you are a premium user you have the option of streaming in a higher quality (320 kbit/s) 

We can say that Spotify knows hoy to give melody at the moment and satisfy his public needs.

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