T3chFest 2019

Great welcome at the UC3M of Leganés

Innovation,  Motivation and Talent

EThis is what was breather at the event T3chFest2019 that was held in the UC3M of Leganés.

The students of the UC3M enjoyed the largest and most completed technological event possible. The students could also enjoyed their informative, technical and inspiring talks. also, the sponsors that took part of this day.

We had the opportunity to attend this event with three of our companys: CloudAppi as APIs government and Waima with the Queue shift manager. Besides our tech community  APIAddicts

A a summary of our day we can say that all those who participated in our surveys demonstrated to develop a great talent and ability to excel. For this reason, we want to thank you for the effort and the intention of each one who were part of our project.

We got some of your answers really serious as: "it´s difficult", "it´s impossible" or "it´s a trap".

And actually yes, it´s is. We are consent but we had to remember what is our goal when we begin: go top. The most important thing is get the correct way to climb allways knowing the way is not easy.

Si lo fuera...¡Nos hubiéramos quedado sin camisetas! 😁

That is why we want to invite you to keep going to our stand at this events. And next year we are reloaded. 

  We look forward to see you again.  


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